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RESOURCE: How You Can Ship Donations Free

Jessica Michael, author of the article How you can ship donations free, offers great advice on how to ship donation items for free. She writes: “Wouldn’t it be amazing if you could ship donations free? If you are like me, you may have enough Amazon boxes to build a fortress. While this is hours of … Read More »

Situational Disorganization vs. Chronic Disorganization

Situational disorganization is common for just about everyone. At some point, life happens and physical surroundings get scrambled. Think of moving households, for example. Boxes everywhere, things buried, temporarily lost. With a concentrated effort though, you get settled, and your new home becomes an oasis of comfort. Yet, it’s another world for people who suffer … Read More »

Deliveries, Decisions & Divesting

When they call about delivery, I rush home from work. I’m pregnant with our first daughter, and super excited to see the furniture we ordered: sofa, loveseat and chair with ottoman. Our first big expenditure for the nest, what I now affectionately call the money-pit! Turns out we made a sound purchase, because it held … Read More »

The State of China

Noritake Ridgewood china, pink rose swags with a grey and tan border. Fond memories of special, home cooked birthday or holiday meals prepared by Mom. Leaves inserted to grow the table, accommodating friends we brought home. A tablecloth was spread with love; the silver chest came out. The table was set, ready with forks on … Read More »

The Meaning of Stuff

It’s just a lamp. Or is it? Reality check time: What meaning am I giving to my stuff? Am I okay with it, or does it seem disproportional?Read More »

Higher Hangers = Space Savers

Have you ever looked at your closet and wished it was bigger? Drew Cleaver did the same thing when he moved into his first college dorm room (built before World War II). With no room alterations allowed, Drew had to find a way to make new space out of nothing. After gazing at his tiny … Read More »

HOW TO CONSUME LESS: Don't Buy This Jacket, Black Friday and the New York Times

Why run an ad in The New York Times on Black Friday telling people, “Don’t Buy This Jacket”? Patagonia is urging us to think twice before we buy. Interesting that a company would make this statement! Because organizing starts in the mind, I urge you to read this article and consider how much is enough … Read More »

ORGANIZING REALITY: Marie Kondo tells us to ditch joyless items but where are we sending them?

“The rise of the de-cluttering icon, Ikea’s “peak stuff” comments – we have an overconsumption problem but simply chucking things out won’t solve it.” Hmmm, Ms. Kondo says when a button falls off, it’s a sign that the shirt has to go. Not so quick, Missy. Maybe, maybe not. The article gives food for thought … Read More »

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