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How to Get Organized Without a TV Makeover

I am not a big fan of so called reality television. But when clients started asking me about the organizing shows—and I am a huge fan of all-things-organizing, I did watch, for about 15 minutes, until I got bored. In 16 years of business, I’ve never dumped a client’s belongings on the lawn and demanded … Read More »

Making Your Home Senior Friendly: The value of simple, yet important, changes to your home

One of our greatest fears as we grow older is the prospect that one day we may have to leave our home. Our home is our security. In our home we decide what and when to eat, the time we go to bed, and who visits. The control we wield in our home is the … Read More »

Clutter Image Rating Tool

The Clutter Image Rating (CIR) tool was developed as an objective rating scale to assess hoarding and clutter. In 2007, the paper-based measure was first introduced in Dean Gail Steketee and Professor Randy Frost’s Compulsive Hoarding and Acquiring: A Therapist Guide.   Professor Jordana Muroff and a team of students led by Ann Ming Samborski and … Read More »

Don’t hire a mess for your mess!

When looking for an organizer, please use due diligence. We are not all the same. A few questions to ask: 1. How long have you been in business? Anyone can print business cards and call themselves a Professional Organizer. There are no barriers to entry to this field.  It takes a lot more than “I … Read More »

What to Do With Old Clothes, in One Easy Chart

You’re making progress in a big way. You have the car loaded with casts-offs and pull up to the donation drop off. Your mood drops to the ground when you see their sign “No clothes (or books or whatever you have your car full of) accepted today.” Here is a handy chart with donation resources: … Read More »

How to Help an Elderly Parent Move

Most people want to “age in place,” or stay right where they are.  The AARP (American Association of Retired Persons) revealed that 89% of people 50 years and older prefer to remain in their homes indefinitely.  I remember that my mother wanted to stay in her home. But what happens when it is not safe … Read More »

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