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Rev-up Your Resolutions

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Most people don’t like change, yet would like their life to be better, or different in some respect. Embracing the idea of a clean slate, they etch out ambitious New Year’s resolutions. More often than not, their resolve fades away by Valentine’s Day. What happens to their dreams?

Simply put, making changes is hard. Habits are born in the mind and come into fruition through one’s thinking; the tendency to take the path of least resistance is very strong. Maintaining the old pathways of thought is much more comfortable, and thus, easier accomplished. But with practice, blazing new paths in the mind to reach your goals is possible. Here are some tips to rev-up your resolutions:

  • Make it specific & measurable. The more well-defined your goal, the better likelihood you will reach it, and know when you’ve reached it.
  • Be accountable. You must tell someone besides your dog. Check in regularly with your resolution partner. Pray.
  • Carve it in stone. Write your goals on 3 x 5 cards and carry them with you. Look at them throughout the day. Writing down goals psychologically raises their importance.
  • Make affirmations. Have the guts to say what you want. Verbalize “I am or I have” statements. Practice saying it in the mirror. Your focus determines your reality.
  • Take action. Goals need to be attacked bit by bit, day by day. Take a step each day that will bring you closer to your desired goal. English Sculptor Henry Moore said “I think in terms of today’s resolutions, not the year’s.”
  • Lift as you climb. Helping others provides a tremendous sense of well being and positive impact all the way around. Success follows those who are generous with their abundance. Givers gain.
  • You’ve gotta want it. This is your life, these are your goals. Make resolutions after a thorough soul searching; be true to yourself.

Be realistic, knowing that it may take the better part of the year to see progress. The important thing to do is to keep starting. Each new day is an opportunity to rev-up your resolutions.