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Clutter Image Rating Tool

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Clutter Image Rating Tool

February 06,2016 Mary Lynne Murray 0 comments

Clutter Image Rating ToolThe Clutter Image Rating (CIR) tool was developed as an objective rating scale to assess hoarding and clutter. In 2007, the paper-based measure was first introduced in Dean Gail Steketee and Professor Randy Frost’s Compulsive Hoarding and Acquiring: A Therapist Guide.   Professor Jordana Muroff and a team of students led by Ann Ming Samborski and Sophie Lehar developed a downloadable CIR application for iPhones and iPads.

CIR is a pictorial tool to determine the amount of clutter in a person’s home. The pictures are numbered from 1 = “no clutter,” to 9 = “severe clutter” for the three main rooms (kitchen, living room, and bedroom) in a typical home.  Please select the number of the picture that most closely matches the level of clutter in each room that you are rating. Human service professionals and clients can use this instrument to assess each room in a home and gauge progress in reducing clutter.

Click here to download the CIR application on iTunes.