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DISCOVER: The Threshold Choir

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DISCOVER: The Threshold Choir

May 20,2018 Mary Lynne Murray 0 comments

Abstract Background with Music notesI had a handful of senior clients when I began my organizing practice in 2000, but it was working with Alice for eight years that propelled me to specialize in the organizing needs of seniors. How lovely it would have been if I’d known about The Threshold Choir during Alice’s lifetime!


It was another client that first mentioned The Threshold Choir to me. This year, the timing was right to get involved in The Diablo Valley Threshold Choir. Although I am a new voice in the group, singing in the choir has brought a richness to my life.


We sing at bedsides of people facing difficulty or new beginnings, those who are dying, those who are recovering and even newborns in intensive care. At the thresholds of life, our voices can give peace, encouragement and hope.


Threshold Choir is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization with branches across the United States and world. The national website is The local chapter that I’m a part of is To request singers for your loved one, please visit one of these websites.


“The work of the Threshold Choir is kindness made audible and tangible.” Kate Munger, Founder, the Threshold Choir


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