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Don’t hire a mess for your mess!

January 16,2016 Mary Lynne Murray 0 comments

dont-hire-mess-for-messWhen looking for an organizer, please use due diligence. We are not all the same.

A few questions to ask:

1. How long have you been in business?

Anyone can print business cards and call themselves a Professional Organizer. There are no barriers to entry to this field.  It takes a lot more than “I love to organize” to provide good service.  Inexperience can cause a boatload of harm.

2. Are you a member of professional organizations in your field?

Hint – if you search and for an organizer, you’ll already know the answer to this question. Do they have letters after their name?  These are certifications; they indicate a commitment to their profession and more.

3. How and what do you charge?

If someone is charging substantially less than others in the field, beware.

In conclusion, trust your gut. If it looks unprofessional, acts unprofessional…IT IS unprofessional, and you may be disappointed.