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Higher Hangers = Space Savers

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Higher Hangers = Space Savers

March 14,2016 Mary Lynne Murray 0 comments

shoes_before_afterHave you ever looked at your closet and wished it was bigger? Drew Cleaver did the same thing when he moved into his first college dorm room (built before World War II). With no room alterations allowed, Drew had to find a way to make new space out of nothing.

After gazing at his tiny closet, he noticed something odd: his traditional clothes hangers left a large gap between his garments and the closet rod. “I thought to myself, ‘That’s all wasted space,’” said Cleaver. At that point, he invented Higher Hangers. Higher Hangers eliminate all that wasted space by bringing the hanger hook closer to the garment, raising the clothes higher, which creates about 11 cubic feet of new space in an average closet. That’s enough for forty-eight shoe boxes or seven carry-on pieces of luggage.

For clothes lovers, this is how to get 5 – 10 more inches of storage from your closet. Watch the two minute video and see what’s coming soon!  >>