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HOW TO: Deal with Clutter While You Still Can

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HOW TO: Deal with Clutter While You Still Can

June 28,2019 Mary Lynne Murray 0 comments

Garage full of clutter

In the article Deal with clutter while the choice to toss is still yours, author Louise George Kittaka reports:

“One particular type of decluttering and organizing has grabbed media attention in the past few years is shūkatsu, or ‘end-of-life planning.’ In a nutshell, shūkatsu means getting one’s affairs in order before departing this world, thus relieving children or others of any burden. Although the term suggests this can wait until the advanced senior years, organizational experts advise starting well before reaching that stage.”

Nathalie Brantsma of iQuitClutter offers some tips for helping parents get organized when issues such as advanced age, chronic illness, cognitive decline or the death of a partner necessitate a change in living circumstances:

  • “Firstly, recognize and be sensitive to the fact that your loved one is probably experiencing loss in multiple areas of their life: loss of health, loss of partner, loss of friends, loss of memory, loss of familiar surroundings.
  • Allow them to have as much control as possible about what happens to their possessions. Respect their wishes, as forcing decisions upon them is very likely to lead to conflict and resentment.
  • Decluttering the possessions of a lifetime can be an emotionally charged process for everyone involved. Bringing in a professional may be helpful, as they can be nonjudgmental and suggest various solutions based on their experience.
  • If an elderly family member refuses assistance with decluttering, shift the focus to establishing a safe environment for them and make that the priority: Remove cables and clear pathways so there is less risk of a fall; ensure they can bathe and use the bathroom safely; check for any potential fire hazards and so on.”

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