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How to Get Organized Without a TV Makeover

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How to Get Organized Without a TV Makeover

February 20,2016 Mary Lynne Murray 0 comments

OLDER.COUPLE.HAPPY.FLOWERSI am not a big fan of so called reality television. But when clients started asking me about the organizing shows—and I am a huge fan of all-things-organizing, I did watch, for about 15 minutes, until I got bored.

In 16 years of business, I’ve never dumped a client’s belongings on the lawn and demanded he or she part with 80% of it. While I may have another experienced organizer working with me, I’ve never had a hunky carpenter or behind the scenes crew on site.

Another thing you won’t find are put downs, chastising or berating. Perhaps the greatest disservice of these shows is the time warp. A person really can’t appreciate the time involved to sort, purge and store, all within the confines of a 20 minute program that is designed to entertain. I won’t be the first person to say you can’t believe everything you see on TV.

Thankfully, you need not endure lights, cameras, filming days and hassles to get organized. Here are three starter tips to get organized without a TV show makeover:

  1. Start in one place and make decisions. Clutter happens because you have not decided. Focus on one spot of clutter, until you have decided what to do with every stray piece.
  2. Do something every day that moves you toward your vision. Stop trying to be perfect. It’s not possible, and leads to feelings of defeat and exhaustion. Instead, take small steps that lead in the direction of progress.
  3. Get real about what is causing you discomfort about your stuff. Behavioral changes will come with awareness and new habit patterns.

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