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IDEAS: Tips for Thinner Paper Files

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IDEAS: Tips for Thinner Paper Files

March 31,2019 Mary Lynne Murray 0 comments

Group of paper manila envelopes

ORGANIZATION: Filing Tips: Spring is here. Are you ready for America’s favorite past time?

True, FILING will never be ranked with baseball and apple pie! In fact, most people avoid filing, and one reason is that they dislike the physical discomfort of jamming their hands into overstuffed file drawers.

Here’s the skinny on thinner files:

  • Unfold papers to minimize bulk.
  • Eliminate envelopes unless the postmark is significant.
  • Avoid using paper clips inside files. They add bulk and catch on other papers. Staple related papers. Keep a staple remover handy.
  • Thin it now. When you’re “in the neighborhood”—you have a file open—check for papers you can toss.
  • Allow about 3 inches of extra space in your file cabinet. This makes for easier filing and retrieval.
  • File most recent papers in the front of the file, making way for ease in tossing old papers.
  • Schedule a file clean out day.

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