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HOW TO: Deal with Clutter While You Still Can

In the article Deal with clutter while the choice to toss is still yours, author Louise George Kittaka reports: “One particular type of decluttering and organizing has grabbed media attention in the past few years is shūkatsu, or ‘end-of-life planning.’ In a nutshell, shūkatsu means getting one’s affairs in order before departing this world, thus … Read More »

AGING IN PLACE: Help is Needed But Is Often Inadequate

In the Washington Post article For older people who stay in their homes, help is needed but often is inadequate, author Judith Graham reports: “According to a recent Johns Hopkins study: About 25 million Americans who are aging in place rely on help from other people and devices such as canes, raised toilets or shower … Read More »

IDEAS: Tips for Thinner Paper Files

ORGANIZATION: Filing Tips: Spring is here. Are you ready for America’s favorite past time? True, FILING will never be ranked with baseball and apple pie! In fact, most people avoid filing, and one reason is that they dislike the physical discomfort of jamming their hands into overstuffed file drawers. Here’s the skinny on thinner files: … Read More »

FYI: 60 Things Every Caregiver Needs to Know

60 HELPFUL TIPS FOR CAREGIVERS: In the Reader’s Digest article 60 Things Every Caregiver Needs to Know, author Michelle Crouch shares research-backed tips and strategies from other caregivers to help you give the best possible care to the person you love: “Don’t wait too long. ‘Most people wait way too long before getting their loved … Read More »

FYI: Recognize the Signs of a Stroke

When I begin with a new client, I have them complete, or help them complete an emergency contact information form. When I’m working at their house, if something goes awry with their health, after calling 911, I would let their family or other contact know ASAP. Thankfully, I’ve never had to do so. Do you … Read More »

DISCOVER: The Threshold Choir

I had a handful of senior clients when I began my organizing practice in 2000, but it was working with Alice for eight years that propelled me to specialize in the organizing needs of seniors. How lovely it would have been if I’d known about The Threshold Choir during Alice’s lifetime!   It was another … Read More »

READ NOW: What Families Go Through After a Loved One Passes

When illustrator JP Trostle’s mother died, he and his family faced a challenge familiar to many: cleaning house. This article speaks clearly about what families go through after a loved one passes. For those unable to do the clearing work, there are caring, experienced Organizers to fill the gap. I love that the article is … Read More »

DISCOVER: 49 Ways to Sell Your Old Stuff for the Most Money

In the article 49 ways to sell your old stuff for the most money, author Charis Brown writes: “There’s no doubt about it, Americans have too much stuff. Several years ago the Wall Street Journal reported that Americans spend $1.2 trillion annually on goods and services they don’t actually need. And according to the Orlando … Read More »

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