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How We Will Help You Live Better at Home

As they mature, people tend to settle in one place. The years roll by without a household move or conscious paring down. Folks want to right size, but are uncertain about how to get it done. The physical effort and organizing involved in rightsizing can be difficult and overwhelming, as well as emotionally draining. The process is made even more challenging for those experiencing issues around illness, mobility and memory. Along with the general anxiety that accompanies life changes, family dynamics can add complications to rightsizing as well. It’s About Time can help you and your loved ones get organized and stay organized.

A List of Our Services

  • Assess needs by phone or in home
  • Sort, organize, and right size contents of the home
  • Arrange for disposal of unwanted items by way of auction, estate sale, consignment or donation
  • Manage movers, contractors and other third parties
  • Unpack and make the new place home sweet home
  • Manage related services such as cleaning, trash removal, shopping and sale preparation
  • Make the home more functional
  • Maintain incoming mail, bills and files