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Practice Organizing

Having a perfect sock drawer or linen closet is not most people’s highest goal. Yet people¬†do¬†recognize that order enhances their life. They feel better, are happier, and life hums along more smoothly. Putting things away is a bedrock habit in getting ¬†organized. Here are a few suggestions to practice with:

No Put Downs

Decide where you will store something, and follow through on putting it away, consistently. Consistency is the highest form of discipline.


Pick a category of stuff (clothes or books are a great starting place) and thin the herd. Keep what you use, love or think is pretty. Not everything has to have a function. A realistic goal when starting is to reduce by 10 or 20%. As you make a practice of viewing your things with more awareness, you may want to reduce by 50% or more. Start and see what happens!

Ditch It

Day to day, you will notice you have stuff that is usable, but not by you. Keep a donation box going, and make deposits regularly as you pick up and put away. Set yourself for success and also have trash bins in each room. Trash bins in each room is an “easy button” of getting more order in your home.

Good things will happen

Watch for: Feeling lighter and more hopeful, thinking more clearly, having openness to new experiences or people. What else do you think you will feel when you pare down and establish order?

If you feel stuck and aren’t making progress, give me a call at 925-933-9737. You will be very surprised at the changes you can make with support.