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“Mary Lynne is both professional and warm. Most of all, she was organized, and full of useful ideas that are specific to me. The hands-on help is just what I needed, as well as the moral support.”


– Dorothy, Walnut Creek


“Thank you for helping me sort through a room full of my parent’s things I’ve been holding on to. They passed away more than 20 years ago and I was struggling with the burden of their stuff. Mary Lynne helped me go through everything and make decisions I was comfortable with. She was patient and understanding. It is such a relief to know that everything has been taken care of in a way that is appropriate. I feel so much lighter and free!!!”

– Sara Swafford, Walnut Creek


“Mary Lynne is an expert organizer who knows her business; she has contacts with third parties who make the entire process painless. My 97 year old cousin passed away at Rossmoor and she took care of all of his personal assets, carefully and thoughtfully clearing out his home to prepare it for sale. Whether it is organizing your home, office, or taking care of other personal affairs, Mary Lynne is professional, thorough, and attentive to details.”

– Mark L. Triska, Bay Area


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